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Vacancy: ASCN UK Honorary Education Officer

Summary: Honorary Education Officer (voluntary position)

Are you passionate about advancing stoma care education and fostering professional development within the field? ASCN UK (Association of Stoma Care Nurses UK) is seeking a proactive and dedicated individual to fill the role of Honorary Education Officer. As the Honorary Education Officer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of ASCN UK, working closely with the secretariat, committees, and area representatives to ensure the delivery of high-quality educational resources and activities.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Resource Development: Take the lead in identifying and creating opportunities for the continuous development of ASCN UK educational resources.
  2. Publication Evaluation: Initiate ongoing evaluations of ASCN UK educational publications to ensure relevance and quality.
  3. Educational Activities Coordination: Collaborate with internal stakeholders to oversee the coordination of educational activities, ensuring alignment with organisational objectives.
  4. Communication and Dissemination: Utilise various media channels to effectively communicate and disseminate educational activities to ASCN UK members.
  5. Conference Organisation: Play a central role in organising the ASCN UK Annual Specialist Conference, including coordinating abstract submissions, compiling suitable programs, and liaising with speakers.
  6. Representation: Represent ASCN UK at national and international conferences, contributing to raising the profile of the organisation and promoting working partnerships within the stoma care community.
  7. Annual Reporting: Prepare and present an Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting, summarising key achievements and initiatives.
  8. Professional Development: Stay abreast of current national stoma care courses and initiatives to maintain insight into industry trends and best practices.
  9. Media Liaison: Engage with nursing press nationally and internationally to facilitate the publication of relevant written materials and act as a proof-reader for specific journals.
  10. Collaboration: Work closely with external partners, such as the Mark Allen Group, to support the dissemination of relevant articles for publication.
  11. Author Support: Provide encouragement, support, and guidance to potential authors and presenters within the stoma care community.
  12. Association Support: Contribute to all aspects of ASCN UK operations, attending meetings and responding to communications in a timely manner, ensuring alignment with the organisation’s constitution.

If you are a driven individual with a passion for advancing stoma care education and contributing to the growth and success of ASCN UK, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join us in making a difference in the lives of stoma care professionals and patients alike.

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