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The Association of Stoma Care Nurses (ASCN UK) is a UK-based registered Charity (charity number: 1043897), formally known as World Council of Enterostomal Therapists UK (WCET UK). As a group of specialist practitioners, we are primarily focused on developing and advancing the specialist knowledge required to deliver expert healthcare to individuals with a stoma, ileo-anal pouch or requiring complex fistula/wound management. The Association’s objectives include sharing of information and standardising expert practice, therefore facilitating the opportunity for Stoma Care Nurses to develop within their chosen specialty.


  • Helping the development and sharing of best stoma care nursing practice
  • Encourage the development and advancement of evidence-based stoma care practice to improve patient outcomes
  • Collaboration amongst stoma care nurse specialists nationally and Internationally

By becoming a member of this professional organisation stoma care nurses will have access to National accredited guidelines, peer reviewed by colleagues that provide an expert clinical resource for both new and experienced stoma specialist nurses.

ASCN UK supports its members by:

– Sharing expert clinical practice, (both nationally and internationally)

– Promoting educational and research opportunities.

– Developing and advancing the specialist knowledge required to deliver expert health care to individuals with a stoma

We will continue to hold annual national conferences, as well as working collaboratively with international organisations to provide global education within the specialist sphere of stoma care.

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