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Endorsement Process

ASCN UK aim to encourage the development of evidence based stoma care nursing as well as encouraging collaboration and sharing of best practice amongst stoma care nurse specialists.

ASCN UK provide learning and teaching resources in various formats, but welcome additional educational material that enhances and supports the vision and objectives of the Association.

Applications for ASCN UK endorsement related to the specialist sphere of stoma care may include:

  • Event – 1 day (including educational meetings, seminars, presentations and workshops)
  • Learning and development programme – 2 days or more (Course/ conferences, including programmes provided by NHS Trusts or other training providers)
  • Hard-copy learning and development resources (including training packs, handbooks, DVDs/USB sticks, Powerpoint presentations, articles, books)
  • E-learning (including online courses and modules)

Benefits of Endorsement

Benefit ASCN UK Endorsement can offer you:

  • Achieve quality assurance through approval of the resource from stoma care specialists
  • Raise the profile of your speciality in alignment with ASCN UK
  • Provide an instant recognition of specialist quality for your resource through use of the ASCN UK logo

Endorsement Criteria 

Endorsement applications will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness and added value of your application within the speciality
  • The expected learning outcomes are outlined
  • The value to patient care is identified
  • Practical skills / personal development outlined
  • Information presented is supported by current evidence
  • Endorsement by any other organisation eg: RCN is identified
  • Identification of formal reflection of the days learning, which the nurses can use towards revalidation
  • Product content is objective and impartial
  • Credible editors/presenters with suitable qualifications/expertise to meet the purpose of the application are noted

Application Criteria

Applications will be accepted by the ASCN UK committee three (3) times a year March; July and November

Applications must be submitted by last day of the previous month (Feb/June/Oct) will be processed the following month and notification will be provided within 1 month e.g. applications submitted between November 1st through to 28th February will be reviewed by the committee in March. The applicant can expect to be notified of the initial decision by the end of the month of March.

The ASCN committee/area representatives will review your application according to a specified marking criteria.  Following review, any recommendations from ASCN will be communicated to the applicant within approx. 1 month.

Subsequent requested amendments should be received within one month and will be reviewed prior to endorsement being approved.

Application for Endorsement


Application Details

Inc. attachments: copies of any material / literature, agenda for the event detailing times, speakers (including short bio and content outline.)

Maximum file size: 8.39MB

upload pdf file if applicable
Purpose of event/literature, event/literature objectives/learning outcomes.
Describe what processes are in place to monitor/measure outcomes (where appropriate) or evaluation/reflection by delegates
Has additional endorsement been gained/requested?
Please ensure any application for an event must comply with current MedTech Guidelines
I have read the T&Cs of submission


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